Studio J offers a variety of classes for ages 2.5 – 18. You may view our 2017-2018 Group Class Schedule below. For Registration Information, please email us at [email protected]

2017-2018 Group Class Schedule


Ballet / Tap Combination Classes – These classes will begin to stress classical ballet technique as students continue to work on coordination and strength. Tap instruction will build from one to two sound skills and development of more complex rhythm patterns. The level of difficulty increases as dancers age and experience increases. Students in these classes perform a ballet and tap routine at recital.

Ballet – The foundation of all dance forms, ballet classes are essential to any dance education. Classes use barre and center floor work in a classical class format to develop body placement, flexibility, balance, alignment, strength and technique. In addition to learning through a universal ballet class format, students are taught classical ballet terminology and skills.

Tap – An important staple in a child’s dance education, tap has been a popular percussive dance form featured in clubrevues, Broadway shows and Hollywood films.  Our tap classes develop a combination of rhythm, timing and coordination.  Students develop musicality through appropriate exercises and creation of routines.  Until age 7, students receive tap instruction in ballet / tap combination classes.

Jazz – Jazz classes explore traditional, Broadway and contemporary styles in a fun and energetic atmosphere. Classes begin with a warm-up that includes exercises in isolations, flexibility, and core strengthening. Students will also work on progressions across the floor, center work and combinations.  Beginning classes focus on fundamental jazz steps and vocabulary through loco-motor movement and simple combinations. Intermediate classes, building on fundamentals, help students to develop higher-level technical skills including jumps, leaps, and turns. Advanced classes emphasize movement quality, in addition to strengthening technique and skill level. Jazz students should also participate in a ballet class, as ballet technique is a necessary foundation for this class.

Acrobatics – Offered for all ages, Acro is a class that progresses from forward rolls and cartwheels through advanced tumbling skills, including walkovers, handsprings, and aerial skills. To maximize safety, students are placed in classes according to current skill level, not age. These classes also focus on, balance, flexibility, agility, and teamwork. Complimentary classes for Acro: Ballet, Modern, Tap and Jazz/Hip Hop. All students taking Acro must participate in recital due to tricks and partner work.

Hip Hop – A stylized form of Jazz, Hip Hop focuses on rhythm, stylized movement and body isolations. For Grades 5 and up, this class is an introduction for students who are either just starting out or have minimal hip-hop experience. Class includes a warm-up, which concentrates on building stamina, improving strength and flexibility, body conditioning and rhythm isolations. Level I focuses on building a foundation of basic hip-hop movements, across the floor exercises and short combinations to today’s popular music.

Clogging – The official folk dance of NC, clogging is an exciting percussive dance. Classes are offered in beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. Students will receive traditional and contemporary clogging techniques. Beginning students are introduced to clogging rhythms, the basic step and short combinations. Intermediate student will build upon their skills and begin learning “buck” technique, basic formations and partner skills. Advanced students expand existing skills and explore intricate rhythms, formations, and partnering.

Preschool Ballet and Tap Combination – Our preschool combination classes are designed to introduce young children to dance. Students are exposed to beginning dance skills while developing gross motor skills, coordination, and spatial awareness. Tap class allows time for development of rhythmic concepts while beginning instruction of basic tap skill. Students in these classes perform a ballet and tap routine at recital.

Preschool Acrobatics – Often taken in conjunction with our Preschool Ballet and Tap Combination Class, Preschool Acro is the starting point for future acrobats. Classes are designed to develop coordination, strength, flexibility and balance. In addition to learning basic rolls, Preschool Acro provides the foundation for progression of tumbling and balance skillsas students progress.

Modern – An essential building block for a strong dance education, our modern classes include multiple techniques including Graham, Cunningham, and Horton, and teach an eclectic combination of styles. A variety of dance concepts are explored including force, flow, unison and canon. Students are encouraged to develop their own creativity through improvisational and choreographic exercises. These classes are open to all students and are a required class for our competition team students.