Boys and Dance

Dance is often looked at as an activity for girls. Boys play sports like baseball, basketball, and soccer right? Although this may be the trend, it is one that’s full of misconceptions…Make no mistake about it, dance is a sport and can be as demanding as any other sport out there.

Like all sports, Dance is challenging physically and mentally. Students of dance will develop discipline, courage, athleticism, and good sportsmanship. Qualities that all parents are wanting to instill in there children and playing a sport is a great way to do this. The following is a story of a mom and a son who had the courage to go against the norm and give dance a shot:

One of my sons is a dancer. Making that statement has often gotten me looks of disapproval and comments about him being a girl. When they ask me how he got started in dancing and why he does it so much, I am quick to reply, my son dances because he loves it, and he loves it because of Studio J Dance Center. He feels the music, and thrives on learning harder, and faster steps.

What I have seen in him as a dancer goes much deeper than that.

Just like his brother who plays soccer and runs track, my son the dancer is an athlete. He is strong and doesn’t give up, even when he makes a mistake. He cuts up like everyone, and should be quiet during class, but he loves it and never wants to miss. The teachers at Studio J give him the freedom to be himself. They have welcomed all the members of our family, and allow all of us to feel like part of the team.

He loves the friends he has made at Studio J and the events we attend. The teams are his family and he would do anything for them. He respects his teachers and what they are trying to teach him. He gets very upset if he thinks he has let one of them down. He is more confident on the stage, than I have ever been in anything in my life. He is nervous and scared, but he does it anyway.  He is a dancer.

While he does like to win when he competes, we have done our best to teach him humility and how to lose gracefully. Curious, I asked him recently why he never accepts the trophy for his teams when they win, his response made me proud. He said that he got to accept his personal solo trophies so he wanted to make sure others got to have that feeling.

He wants his Studio J team-mates to do well, and cheers for them and total strangers when they dance because he respects everyone’s hard work. I believe that his dance teachers at Studio J have given him this respect for dance and for others, and for that I am grateful.

I am a proud dance mom of the only boy on his competition team, and I hope he inspires other boys to dance. I believe dance is what makes him strong. My son is a dancer, and I couldn’t be happier.


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