Kristy’s Journey

Choosing the right dance studio can be overwhelming for a parent new to dance and dance culture. When Kristy began looking for a dance studio for her daughter Emma, she knew she only wanted the best for her daughter, but she was new to the scene:

“To be honest, I didn’t know what I was looking for because I was never a dancer and I never saw myself as a “dance mom,” but my daughter wanted to “try” dance, so off we went to visit studios.

Not knowing what to really look for, I concentrated on the feeling I had when I entered each place. Was the staff welcoming? Was the owner visible? What values seemed to emerge from the pictures of the teams on the walls? Did the other dancers seem stressed or pushed too hard? One thing I did not think about before I was perusing the different studios was the impact a studio could have on my child’s personal growth and development. It did not even dawn on me that I would need to carefully select a studio in which the values and culture would fit my own; however, after a couple of visits, I began to see how costuming, song choice and emphasis on doing well in school would impact my daughter. After visiting the local studios, one emerged as the best fit for my daughter and our family ­ Studio J.​We have been at Studio J four years and with each passing year, I am more convinced that there is no place I’d rather have my daughter dance.

My daughter has learned to compete in a sportsmanlike manner, which means she is an gracious winner and though disappointed when she doesn’t earn a trophy, she is excited for her teammates who do and congratulates them.

Over the years, not only have I gotten to see my own daughter grow and develop, but I’ve also had the great privilege of getting to know the older students, which allows me to see how Studio J has impacted their lives and glimpse how it will affect Emma’s life in the coming years. When I look at the older kids, I have no doubt my daughter is in good hands. This studio represents everything I wanted from a studio for my daughter and more. I’m honored to be part of a dance community overflowing with teachers and moms and dads who are kind and who have become good friends. Thank you, Studio J, for the great years we’ve had and the great years to come!”

Kristy’s testimonial is a great illustration of the value system we adhere to at Studio J Dance Center.